Frog Dorsal/Ventral Muscles

Welcome to my page of wonderful facts of frog muscles!.........well enjoy yourself.........

Ventral Muscles

Submaxillary- Aids in swallowing and breathing.

Temporalis and Masseter- Closes lower jaw.

Pectoralis- Moves arms toward and away from the body.

Deltoid- Draws arm forward, away and outward from the body.

Coracoradials- Aids the pectoralis in moving the arms.

Common Flexors- Flexes wrist joint.

Obliques and Abdomin- Flexes and extends the Abdominal Wall.

Triceps Femoris- Extends leg; straightens knee joint.

Sartorius, Gracilis Major, Gracilis Minor, & Semitendinosus-  Moves thigh in and out and in a rotation.

Gastrocnemius- Extends foot; responsible for leaping action.

Tibialis Posterior, & Tibialis Anterior- Assists in foot flex and ankle rotation.

Common Extensors- Extends toes as in pointing.


Dorsal Muscles

Dorsal Fascia- Attaches Oblique muscles to the spine.

Depressor Mandibulae, & Dorsalis Scapulae- Helps hold the Humerous Bone in the socket.

Latissimus Dorsi- Moves arms up and down from reaching position.

Triceps Brachii- Extends the forarm at the elbow (during leaping).

Common Extensors- Extends the wrist.

Common Extensors of Back- Helps to maintain a straight spine.

Gluteus- Flexes and extends the Femur.

Biceps Femoris, & Semimembranosus- Flexes leg; bends the knee.

Gracilis Major, & Gracilis Minor- Moves thigh in and out by rotation.

Peroneus- Flexes foot.

Common Flexors- Flexes toes.

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